Sash window in Bath

Sash Window Restoration

Sash windows are a beautiful feature for thousands of properties in Bath and the surrounding areas. It is incredibly important to keep the maintenance of sash windows up to date. With winters getting colder and our summers getting warmer, wooden sash windows are beginning to degrade quicker due to the harsh changes in temperature. Not only is flaking paint unsightly, it can also expose the wood to water damage and the risk of rot. Once the windows start to deteriorate further the repairs needed can be much great and much more costly. 

Not only do rotten windows look horrible, they can also quickly become ill fitting resulting is cold air entering the property and increasing your energy bills.

Sash window repairs and restoration can be done alongside other roofing or masonry works or as a standalone job. It is often worth thinking about other aspects of property maintenance that can be completed at the same time, especially when scaffolding is involved as this can be a huge cost saving.


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