End of commercial lease

Is your end of lease approaching?

Is your commercial lease coming to an end? We can prevent you getting stung with charges by helping you get the property back to the same state you received it in. Across our team we can help with painting and decorating, carpentry work, external repairs including roofing work, sash window restoration and masonry repairs. 

With our tailored approach, we ensure the property handover process is efficient and stress-free. Whether you are turning around a single office, large office building or retail space, we can help fulfil all your end of lease requirements. Most commercial leases are full repairing leases meaning you’re responsible for repairs inside and outside of the property.

Addressing any maintenance obligations is crucial for a seamless handover with no last minute charges from your landlord. Our skilled technicians can perform necessary repairs and maintenance tasks, restoring the property to its original condition. Whether rectifying minor wear and tear or managing extensive refurbishments, we have the expertise to handle all your requirements.

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